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Technology: ROVs
Tech publication:  Michael L. Brennan.  2013.  High-resolution Imaging of the M/S Dodekanisos Shipwreck Site off Deveboynu Burnu, Turkey.  The International Journal of Nautical Archaeology. 42.1: 204-208.
Science publication:  Steven Carey, Paraskevi Nomikou, Katy Croff Bell, Marvin Lilley, John Lupton, Chris Roman, Eleni Stathopoulou, Konstantina Bejelou, and Robert Ballard.  2013.  CO2 degassing from hydrothermal vents at Kolumbo submarine volcano, Greece, and the accumulation of acidic crater water.  Geology.  41(9): 1035–1038.
Technology: Gliders
Tech publication:  Stephen L. Wood and Cheryl E. Mierzwa.  2013.  State of Technology in Autonomous Underwater Gliders.  Marine Technology Society Journal.  47(5): 84-96.
Science publication: Jun Zhao, Chuanmin Hua, Jason M. Lenes, Robert H. Weisberg, Chad Lembke, David English, Jennifer Wolny, Lianyuan Zheng, John J. Walsh, Gary Kirkpatrick.  2013.  Three-dimensional structure of a Karenia brevis bloom: Observations from gliders, satellites, and field measurements. Harmful Algae. 29: 22–30.

Technology: Buoys
Tech publication: Zdenka Willis and Laura Griesbauer.  2013.  U.S. IOOS: An Integrating Force for Good.  Marine Technology Society Journal.  47(5): 19-25.
Science publication:  Sofie M. Van Parijs, Chris W. Clark, Renata S. Sousa-Lima, Susan E. Parks, Shannon Rankin, Denise Risch, Ilse C. Van Opzeeland.  2009.  Management and research applications of real-time and archival passive acoustic sensors over varying temporal and spatial scales.  Marine Ecology Progress Series.  395: 21-36.
Technology:  AUVs
Tech publication:  Antoine Y. Martin.  2013.  Unmanned Maritime Vehicles: Technology Evolution and Implications.  Marine Technology Society Journal.  47(5): 72-83.
Science publication: Brian Bingham, Brendan Foley, Hanumant Singh, Richard Camilli, Katerina Delaporta, Ryan Eustice, Angelos Mallios, David Mindell, Christopher Roman, Dimitris Sakellariou. 2010.  Robotic Tools for Deep Water Archaeology: Surveying an Ancient Shipwreck with an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle.  Journal of Field Robotics.  27(6): 702-717.

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